Infographics: Sunscious Tedx Padova


I’ve been part of this beautiful project as a co-founder for almost three years, we design and develop a segmented social network for positive-content in order to create the new optimistic and healthy way of providing information to modern society.

Recently Sunscious was invited to participate on a TEDx talk in Padova and our co-founder Valentina Hernandez explained to the audience “How to turn yourself on a Hero embrace the optimism” where she explained how the emotional intelligence works and how much the society needs, reason of our second release, an app that helps people to connect when someone need help, WeAppHeroes (is actually on developing).

To follow this speech, we had the opportunity to illustrate this amazing TEDx talk for our project and we are very proud with the results. It’s motivating to have a good team to work.



Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 16.59.33

Script: Valentina Hernandez

Illustrations: Karen López Pereney


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