We are part of a dreamers team, we believe on the power of the communities working together for a better future. Sunscious was a page where we updated the latest constructive news daily. We conceptualise the page and the features is a map, where people could see where was happening good things around the globe.… Continue reading Video: SUNSCIOUS


WeAppHeroes is a geolocalization based mobile application that works around problem solving in realtime. It taps into the helping will of many who are up to generate a positive impact around them. The objective is to create incentives for community cooperation, consequently improving the world we live in, through the use of technology.

Infographics: Sunscious Tedx Padova

I’ve been part of this beautiful project as a co-founder for almost three years, we design and develop a segmented social network for positive-content in order to create the new optimistic and healthy way of providing information to modern society. Recently Sunscious was invited to participate on a TEDx talk in Padova and our co-founder Valentina Hernandez explained to the… Continue reading Infographics: Sunscious Tedx Padova