Portrait is a UK based Eyewear brand 100% MADE in ITALY who supports the small-artisans companies and they are too sponsors of Emerging-Artists . We design their website, is comprised of 2 main sections (artists and glasses) and uses a lateral menu to navigate. Artists and glasses are displayed on the left and content on the right. The sections have the ability to… Continue reading WEB DESIGN: PORTRAIT


We are part of a dreamers team, we believe on the power of the communities working together for a better future. Sunscious was a page where we updated the latest constructive news daily. We conceptualise the page and the features is a map, where people could see where was happening good things around the globe.… Continue reading Video: SUNSCIOUS


The design of this exceptional packaging for eyeglasses is the result of experimental attempts with polygon shapes and environmentally friendly cartons, and was made to uncover the beauty and nature of the product in a special way. The overlapping layers secure the product and provide a fixed grip. Packaging with an interesting form that also… Continue reading ECO PACKAGING: PORTRAIT SUNGLASES


WeAppHeroes is a geolocalization based mobile application that works around problem solving in realtime. It taps into the helping will of many who are up to generate a positive impact around them. The objective is to create incentives for community cooperation, consequently improving the world we live in, through the use of technology.


What if being a hero is about helping others and bring them happiness? This is an explainer video about the main concept of Weappheroes app, we want to inspire and break prejudges, encouraging people to download the app, through friendly illustrations and catchy insights about our live styles.

Infographics: Sunscious Tedx Padova

I’ve been part of this beautiful project as a co-founder for almost three years, we design and develop a segmented social network for positive-content in order to create the new optimistic and healthy way of providing information to modern society. Recently Sunscious was invited to participate on a TEDx talk in Padova and our co-founder Valentina Hernandez explained to the… Continue reading Infographics: Sunscious Tedx Padova

INSTALLATION: Amnesty International

This is a concept for an art exhibition on the struggle to Stop Violence Against Women named “Retratos contra el maltrato” produced in behalf of Amnesty International. Photographers from Venezuela where called to reinterpret classic paintings of our history, where this time the main characters was powerful women instead only mens as long time ago… Continue reading INSTALLATION: Amnesty International