New Beginnings

In every new step, Alchemy is manifested.

Alquimia Visual was born as a branding and design atelier, dedicated to transforming creative visions into extraordinary realities. From Caracas to Groningen, we embarked on an adventure, collaborating with brands and clients who sought to tell stories.

Each project was an opportunity to explore new frontiers of design. We specialized in creating unique brand identities, in the creation of user experiences that left a mark, and visual solutions that resonated with the soul.

In 2018, after many achievements and learnings, Alquimia Visual concluded its story as a design studio, but it has also been the beginning of new paths. Although the spirit of Alquimia Visual will continue to live in each of the projects we had the honor to develop and in the relationships we built over the years.

We express our deepest gratitude to all our clients, collaborators, and friends who were part of this wonderful adventure. Without their trust and support, our journey would not have been possible.

If you wish to stay in touch or learn more about our past projects and future initiatives, do not hesitate to contact us.